A generative and explainable AI which helps radiologists to get an early diagnosis of breast cancer.

Exploiting proprietary AI algorithms, DeepMammo supports digital imaging workflows to increase radiologists’ performance, enhance diagnosis accuracy, decrease daily workloads and reduce costs.

AI Algorithms

Main benefits

Cut down radiologists workloads and reduce errors
Optimize triage and speed up cancer diagnosis
Shorten screening time to save women's lives

Reduced screening time

DeepMammo supports Digital Imaging workflows in order to help radiologists in repetitive tasks, making it possible to get a diagnosis in a shorter time.

Enhanced diagnostic accuracy

DeepMammo enhances mammography accuracy, thanks to state-of-the-art Machine Learning techniques, developed and validated in synergy with our trusted clinical partners.

Advisory Board

Our team is supported by expert senologists and radiologists and  by Emanuele Neri, Full Professor of Radiology and Chairman of the Unit of Diagnostic Imaging of Pisa University Hospital

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