Meet the members of the team

Carlo Aliprandi

Cofounder - Chief Executive Officer

Serial innovator and an AI addicted. MD in Computer Science, he is a business expert in AI, with a 25+ years professional track in Healthcare, and Radiology in particular.

Federico Picardi

Cofounder - Chief Digital Officer

Digital Marketing Expert with 20+ years of experience. MD in Engineering of Telecommunication and AI Executive Program at Massachusetts Institute of Technology.

Monica Ruiu

Chief Technology Officer

Senior Cloud expert. MD Computer Engineering she is an expert in Cloud Architecture and in project management.

Gianfranco Bellezza

Clinical Marketing Officier

Senior Medical expert. MD in Medicine, he has a 30+ years’ experience in Healthcare, with deep expertise in the clinical development of innovative medical devices and their marketing and sales.

Giulia Benotto

AI & NLP Scientist

PHD in Computational Linguistics, she is an expert in the area of Natural Language Processing, Distributional Semantic and Language Understanding.

Emanuele Neri

Advisory Board - Chief Scientific Officer

Professor of Radiology at the University of Pisa and Chairman of the Unit of Diagnostic Imaging.

We are open to talented people to join our team