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More than 50 years of expertise for saving women lives

AIGEA Medical is a Medtech startup, focusing on Artificial Intelligence applied to radiology workflows and digital imaging. DeepMammo is our  award-winning cloud solution for early detection of Breast Cancer.

We are a team of global experts and technical visionaries, which has founded AIGEA Medical as an innovative startup. AIGEA Medical management team has more than 50 years of expertise in the MedTech and Radiology market, spanning a mix of IT experts and AI Scientists supported by a Clinical Advisory board accommodating radiologists and clinical experts.


Explainable AI,
Multimodal Neural Networks

Impact on Society

Breast screening is performed on the whole range of women population after a certain age, therefore the impact is very wide. Cancer has a strong social impact, over the patient, and consequently on relatives.

What is even more hard to sustain, it is the impact of life habits and working style.
Our project, by reducing errors and diagnoses time, will have a strong social and economic impact on the people, affecting the primary need of healthcare and wellness.

Sustainable Development Goals
United Nations Foundation

DeepMammo has a direct impact on two main SDGs of the UN Agenda for Sustainable Development, strongly related to Societal aspects:

  • No poverty: by reducing screening costs, we do support better healthcare especially for people living in poverty, making it possible for a wider women population now out of care services to meet the basic needs of healthcare and wellness, just alike any other woman in developed countries.
  • Good health and well-being: one of the key indicators of poverty is ‘access to health services’. DeepMammo can contribute to eradicate poverty and to promote wellbeing for all, by supplying the necessary care services in developing countries where the lack of medical professional services is one of the barriers for a wide implementation of social security systems.

We are open to talented people to join our team