We are proud to announce that DeepMammo, the disruptive AI solution for early breast cancer detection, has been selected by BioUpper. We can’t wait to get into the empowerment go-to-market phase, that will start in the next few weeks.
DeepMammo was selected as one of 10 highest value projects, from over 117 applications collected.

BioUpper is a Life Sciences platform that supports the best entrepreneurial projects through paths of empowerment, acceleration, and market support. It has been conceived by Fondazione Cariplo and Novartis, and designed by Cariplo Factory. Also IBM has been involved in the last two years, to focus on Digital Health, a fundamental branch of the healthcare sector.

Especially thinking to this area, we’ve been concentrating our work on breast cancer, which is the most frequent type of cancer among women, representing 25% of all the cancers. One woman out of 8 is affected by breast cancer along her life. In this context, prevention has been the only available option, and early detection of cancer symptoms has proven to be crucial. For this reason, a prompt diagnosis exploiting Digital Imaging has become crucial: mammogram screening has therefore become a regular practice, also suggested and supported by healthcare systems. In Italy, about 4 millions woman, 7% of the population, every year are subject to Breast Digital examinations.

To face this challenge we developed DeepMammo: a disruptive cloud solution to support diagnostic imaging by early detection of cancer symptoms and anomalies in Digital Images. Exploiting our Artificial Intelligence algorithms, DeepMammo supports imaging workflows augmenting radiologists’ performances, improving diagnostic accuracy, reducing daily workloads and therefore improving clinical practice while reducing costs.

During the BioUpper program we will also have the chance to further develop a diagnostic solution to improve Digital Patient Care, supporting authorities to deal with the current COVID-19 emergency.

We are looking forward to start our empowerment track for the go-to-market, working in close contact with experts from Novartis, IBM, Cariplo Factory and contributing to also support the fight against COVID-19.

Finally, we would like to congratulate all the startups that will participate: Dianax, Hero, Intra, Medere, Nuvap, Pain Chronicles, Sensedat, U-care and Ugo Pnp.