Often we don’t have the option to fix things in life. Some situations cannot be solved, and some disease cannot be treated and cured. This is what happens with breast cancer. And that is why prevention is essential to save women’s lives, as the early diagnosis of symptoms is the only way to fight breast cancer.

This disease is the most common type of cancer among women. It represents 25% of total cancer occurrences in female population and one woman out of eight is diagnosed with breast cancer along her life. Unfortunately this disease is often detected too late to be treated, making prevention the only effective option to fight it. This is why the early diagnosis of symptoms is essential. Merely considering Italy, every year nearly about four millions women are subject to breast screening, which includes mammography and other specific tests. The large number of exams has a big impact on the radiologists’ workflows, which are constantly increasing. This trend raises the risk of error and slows down the diagnosis process, making it necessary to find a solution to support radiologist in obtaining more accurate and quicker results.

The solution is DeepMammo, an AI cloud-based software created to empower radiologists in the early diagnosis of breast cancer. This software exploits AI algorithms and supports the Digital Imaging workflow, in order to help radiologists in repetitive tasks and to increase their performance, by reducing daily workloads. It also enhances the diagnosis accuracy, thanks to state-of-the-art Machine Learning techniques, applied to a dataset of thousands of exams provided by our trusted partners. Mostly on this subject, our team is supported by our Advisory Board, formed by expert radiologists and coordinated by Emanuele Neri, Associate Professor of Radiology at the University of Pisa and Chairman of the Unit of Diagnostic Imaging of the Medical Faculty.

Thanks to DeepMammo it is possibile to decrease errors, optimize triage, speed up cancer diagnosis and shorten the screening time. In short, it makes it possibile to get a diagnosis in a shorter time, also reducing the costs. So far the need and the effectiveness of this kind of solution has already been recognized by three acceleration programs for startups. In fact DeepMammo has been selected among hundreds of other ideas by BioUpper, UniCredit Start Lab and Data Market Services, getting the chance to keep growing.