How can artificial intelligence support clinical processes and mainly digital diagnostics?
How can diagnostic data be used to teach artificial intelligence-based platforms?
How, in the entire workflow of a radiological diagnosis, from the creation of medical record to acquisition, and processing up to the communication, is it possible to use artificial intelligence based tools?

Our CEO Carlo Aliprandi will answer to these questions tomorrow morning in a speech in AIXA forum (Artificial Intelligence Expo of Applications), the forum dedicated to practical applications of Artificial Intelligence. An event in which companies, experts, managers and innovators discuss about the future of AI technology, at the service of business, capable of revolutionizing the way we live and work.
DeepMammo was chosen and invited to the AIXA FOR SCIENCE panel with representatives of IBM Italy, Novartis Italy, Accenture, Nasa and SpaceX to discuss how Artificial Intelligence and machine learning algorithms are increasingly used in the clinical field and in the development of diagnoses.
And more: in our speech we will also see how many applications are now present in the management of health systems, from advanced patient records to the storage of useful data then for scientific research.
So meet us on Wednesday November 10th live at the IBM STUDIOS MILANO or online on the AIXA website.