AIGEA at “Artificial Intelligence in healthcare” convention in Siena – June 6, 2024

Healthcare industry is experiencing an unprecedented transformation thanks to the use of data and the implementation of digital technologies. The adoption of solutions based on artificial intelligence, machine learning and big data analytics is bringing significant changes in the diagnosis, treatment and management of diseases. “Data Driven Healthcare: challenges and opportunities of continuously evolving healthcare” […]

DeepMammo awarded by EPICENTRE!

AIGEA Medical has won non-diluted fundings to participate in the EPICENTRE cluster. EPICENTRE (EmPowering Industrial eCosystems to boost clustEr facilitated greeN and digiTal tRansition in Europe) is a project funded by the Single Market Programme (SMP), call Joint Cluster Initiatives (Euroclusters) for Europe’s recovery, from the European Commission.It aims to create new cross-sectorial value chains […]

Great news: DeepMammo is now patented!

After four years of hard working and two years from the application, the Italian Patent Office has granted us a patent for DeepMammo. The patent “Artificial Intelligence Training Procedure and System intended for the analysis of mammographyc data for early detection of breast cancer” protects our award-winning AI based on MultiModal Learning: another relevant step […]

ELISE Open Call results

After six months of hard work, we are now delivering the new features developed thanks to ELISE Open Call. The focus area we have been concentrating on is at the crossroad between Machine Learling for Computer Vision and for NLP – Natural Language Processing (namely NLG – Natural Language Generation). Main deliverables: The new architecture […]

DeepMammo winner of the ELISE Open Call

ELISE is part of the EU Horizon 2020 ICT-48 portfolio and originated from ELLIS, a network of artificial intelligence research hubs and associated Fellows. Based on the highest level research, it spreads its knowledge and methods in academia, industry and society. We are happy to announce that we have been selected as one of the […]

DeepMammo, IBM, Accenture and Novartis expert speakers at AIXA FOR SCIENCE: how can AI support clinical workflows and cancer diagnosis.

How can artificial intelligence support clinical processes and mainly digital diagnostics?How can diagnostic data be used to teach artificial intelligence-based platforms?How, in the entire workflow of a radiological diagnosis, from the creation of medical record to acquisition, and processing up to the communication, is it possible to use artificial intelligence based tools? Our CEO Carlo […]

Capri Startup Competition

DeepMammo was selected as one of the best 10 Start-up at Capri Startup Competition organized by Confindustria Giovani Imprenditori. The competition is focused on new company considering aspects such as innovation, team experience, market needs and social impact. Artificial Intelligence applied in life science, healthcare and prevention match 100% with the goal of the competition […]

Meet DeepMammo, the AI that saves women’s lives

Often we don’t have the option to fix things in life. Some situations cannot be solved, and some disease cannot be treated and cured. This is what happens with breast cancer. And that is why prevention is essential to save women’s lives, as the early diagnosis of symptoms is the only way to fight breast […]

DeepMammo selected by BioUpper

We are proud to announce that DeepMammo, the disruptive AI solution for early breast cancer detection, has been selected by BioUpper. We can’t wait to get into the empowerment go-to-market phase, that will start in the next few weeks.DeepMammo was selected as one of 10 highest value projects, from over 117 applications collected. BioUpper is […]

Artificial Intelligence or Augmented Intelligence? The Radiology case

Artificial Intelligence (AI) is a trend topic in several industries, healthcare being one of them. With the raising of deep learning techniques during the last years, the capabilities of AI systems dramatically increased and several tasks considered unmanageable have been solved. Digital Imaging and Radiology are not exempt from this transformation, and huge hype around […]